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Hydropipe Vertriebsgesellschaftm.b.H.
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The advanced sand mixer is able to process 36 tons of sand per hour.
The heaviest single-piece high chrome casting that we can make weighs 15T.
With an ability to manufacture 1200 tons of casting per month, MUYUAN has what it takes to produce all series of slurry pumps and dredging pumps presently available in Chinese markets.

Heat Treatment
Heat treatment furnace dimension: 6m×5.5m×2.5m

The largest diameter of parts that our vertical lathe can handle is 6.4 meters.

The biggest discharge outlet of our dredging pump measures 1000mm in diameter. The combined capacity of our 2 cranes is 30 tons.
Assembly line area: 2000 square meters

Chemical lab and physical lab

Performance Test
Hydraulic test stand

Dedicated to the production of heavy duty slurry pumps and dredging pumps, MUYUAN has the production capacity needed to meet your slurry pump demands.