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Nearly a decade of experience in the production and supply of specialized slurry pumps and a complete range of pumping equipment gives MUYUAN the ability to serve global clients from mining, quarrying, and dredging industries. After 9 years of dedication, we remain tightly focused on offering truly efficient, durable slurry pumps, dredge pumps, and more to solve your minerals processing and sediments removal challenges.

MUYUAN series centrifugal slurry pump is designed and built to the highest industry standards. It is widely used to transport solids and liquids across many industries, such as in mining, dredging, chemical engineering, and electric power plants to name a few. At MUYUAN we strive to satisfy the production, serviceability and durability requirements of the customers and the quarrying, mineral processing, and dredging applications. Our aim is to help customers achieve the lowest pumping operation cost per hour, or the lowest operating cost per ton.

Given the abrasion and erosion involved in the pumping environments, MUYUAN invests a lot into researching and improving materials to ensure we offer the most effective pumping solution possible. As a matter of fact, MUYUAN has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of high-chrome white cast iron. From the most critical casting stage, to machining, to assembly, each white cast iron component is taken good care of every step of the way. Stringent production process, continuous process improvements, and the ever-tightening quality control provide a guarantee that we meet customers' expectations, every time.

In addition to the high-chrome white cast iron, our effort also goes into the development of rubber, ceramic, and other polymer materials. At MUYUAN, we understand that it is important to get a good match between the pump materials and design. That is why we have spent time in improving the existing anti-wear, corrosion-resistant materials as well as creating new ones to ensure the design would give peak performance all the time. At the end of material research and development, a hydraulic test stand is used to ensure we have achieved the optimized combination of the material and the design, and continue to innovate for years to come. This effort would help customers save pumping operation cost without compromising efficiency.

We strictly follow and strengthen the execution of ISO quality management system, which has become MUYUAN's guiding principle. When you order from MUYUAN, not only are you buying our products, but you are also getting the pre-sales solution, on-site service, spares and after-sales support.