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Dredge Pump

Due to lack of waterway maintenance for years, sedimentation and debris accumulation in lakes, seas, and rivers have become a growing issue in a number of countries. Sediments and debris fill in channels and harbors, severely affecting the waterway's ability to allow massive ships carrying bulky goods to pass. Hence, dredging plays a vital role in the nation's economy. In response to the ever-worsening dredging situation, we have developed a brand-new type of dredge pump.

Simple structure, easy installation, and limited maintenance are the major benefits of this state-of-the-art dredge pump for its end users. Made of wear-resistant high-chrome, the pump is built to provide prolonged service life. It uses only one impeller with specially designed vanes that create wide flow channels to allow large particles and high-viscosity pumps to pass. As a single-suction unit, the pump draws up sand, silt, or high plasticity clay from the bottom of the waterway without causing clogging. It is an ideal tool for dredging.

MD Dredge Pump

Diameter: 200-1000mm

Flow rate: 450 - 27500m3/h

Total head: 10-75m

Applications: Mainly used for dredging in a dredger.

Description: The MD series pump is single suction, single-stage, horizontal, cantilever centrifugal slurry pump. Pumps with discharge end diameter from 300-500mm are single-casing units, and discharge between 600 and 1000mm are double-casing models.

MG Slurry/Dredge Dual-Purpose Pump

Diameter: 4"-14"(100-350mm)

Flow rate: 36-3000m3/h

Total head: 5-70m

Applications: Mainly used for dredging in a dredger, in river conservancy, mining, metallurgy and delivering explosive-sludge in metal melting.

Description: The MG series pump is a single-suction, single-stage, horizontal, cantilever centrifugal slurry pump. A single-casing design with wide flow passage connected by means of band clamps.

    1. MD Series Dredging Pump

      Available with only one impeller, the MD series dredging pump sucks up slurries containing sand and silt from one suction side. It is in essential a horizontal cantilever slurry ...

    1. MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

      Wide flow passage allows a large volume of slurry to pass. The sand and gravel pump is specially designed to handle high-abrasion applications that ordinary pumps can't even attempt.