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Slurry Pump

From day one, MUYUAN has been dedicated to the field of slurry pump. We offer nothing less than true energy efficiency and outstanding operation. Our attentive service team stands behind each pump customers have purchased from us. Depending on the volume of your pumping work, it is wise for customers to invest in appropriate capacity that would suit the pump for the job.

Made with the latest in pumping technology, our slurry pump and pump parts provide many uses throughout the pump industry. During model selection, our sales engineers would be delighted to assist you in picking out the most suitable pump according to the specific application. They also help you choose only top-of-the-line parts to construct a pump that would provide years of rugged, trouble-free performance. At MUYUAN, our service does not stop when the purchase is done. Customers can request on-site commissioning, troubleshooting, operators training, and maintenance services. Pump installation, modification, and re-configuration services are also available.

At MUYUAN, we stock parts for all pumps offered. Designed for even the harshest abrasive and corrosive pumping conditions, our slurry pump is widely used to transport solids and liquids across many industries, such as metalliferous mining, coal mining, electric power plants, desulfurization, dredging, construction, and water conservation industries.

Additionally, we utilize high chrome on parts that are subjected to friction to ensure its maximum resistance to impact, abrasion and corrosion. These components include the impeller, volute liner, throatbush, frame plate liner insert, cover plate, and the like.

Presently available in our slurry pumps portfolio include the submersible pump, double-suction pump, single-suction pump, multi-stage pump, single-stage pump, and more.

MA Heavy Duty Pump

Diameter: 1"-18"(25 - 450mm)

Flow rate: 4-5400m3/h

Total head: 5-75m

Applications: Mainly used to handle the most abrasive and dense slurries inmetalliferous mining, coal mining, electric power plants, and building materials industries.
Description: Horizontal, single-suction, single-stage, cantilever, double-casing,centrifugal pumps.

ML Light Duty Pump

Diameter: 20 - 650mm

Flow rate: 3-12000m3/h

Total head: 4 - 60m

Applications: Used in mild erosion wear applications with lower-viscosity slurries in the metalliferous mining, coal mining, electric power plants, and building materials industries.

Description: Cantilever-type, horizontal centrifugal pumps rated at high flow rate. Small-volume design takes up little place. The frame plates are interchangeable with wear-resistant metal plates or rubber liners.

MH Heavy-Duty High-Head Pump

Diameter: 1"- 6"(25-150mm)

Flow rate: 16-1125m3/h

Total head: 12-95m

Applications: Mainly used to handle highly abrasive and high-viscosity slurries in themetalliferous mining, coal mining, electric power plants, and building materials industries.

Description: Horizontal, single-suction, single-stage, cantilever, double-casing,centrifugal pumps

MHE Heavy-Duty High-Efficiency Slurry Pump

Diameter: 40-300mm

Flow rate: 4-2333m3/h

Total head: 9-133m

Applications: Designed for handling mixtures that contain abrasive and corrosive solids in electric power plants, metalliferous mining, coal mining, constructional material and chemical industries, especially for the removal of ash and sludge in electric power plants.

Description: Horizontal, single-stage, single-suction, cantilever, double-casing, high-efficiency centrifugal pumps

MYU Brand-New Pump

Diameter: 2"- 6"(50-150mm)

Flow rate: 20-170m3/h

Total head: 5-75m

Applications: Popular uses of the MY pump are in minerals recycling, mine dewatering, coal washing, and feeding slurries to hydrocyclones or pressure filters.

Description: Single-stage, single-suction, cantilever, and horizontal slurry pump provided with high-efficiency vanes. The pump delivers more than 10% higher pumping efficiency than the MA pump under the same working conditions.

MG Slurry/Dredging Dual-Purpose Pump

Diameter: 4"- 14"(100 - 350mm)

Flow rate: 36 - 3000m3/h

Total head: 5 - 70m

Applications: This dual-purpose pump mainly used for dredging, water conservation, coal mining, and metalliferous mining tasks.

Description: Single-suction, single-stage, horizontal, cantilever centrifugal pumps with wide flow passage. One-piece protective casing that is fastened in place by way of band clamps.

MV Vertical Submersible Pump

Diameter: 40 -250mm

Flow rate: 17-1000m3/h

Total head: 4-40m

Applications: Model MV vertical pump is submerged in sump during use. It is commonly employed to deliver abrasive, high-viscosity slurries that contain large solids.

Description: Slurry pumps without any shaft seal including the water seal. Parts that come into contact with the slurry are made of wear-resistant materials.

MF Foam Pump

Diameter: 2"-6" (50-150mm)

Flow rate: 7-200m3/h

Total head: 10-26m

Applications: Primary uses are in the froth floatation, wood pulp and paper manufacture, chemical engineering, and metalliferous mining industries.

Description: Vertical, centrifugal pump submerged under the slurry and used for conveying corrosive or abrasive frothy slurries.

    1. MA Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

      Parts in contact with the slurry are replaceable and made of high-chrome for maximum resistance to wear and abrasion. Rubber and polyurethane are selected ...

    1. ML Series Light Duty Slurry Pump

      Rubber and polyurethane are selected to make liners and impellers so as to suit them for various working conditions. Different types of impellers are designed to handle a variety ...

    1. MH Series High Head Slurry Pump

      It is always important to get a good match between the system requirements and pump features. Not only is it critical to pick a pump that meets your requirements for flow ...

    1. MHE Series High Efficiency Slurry Pump

      The high efficiency slurry pump is designed with one impeller and allows slurries to enter inside the pumping chamber from only one suction side. It is a horizontal cantilever pump.

    1. MYU Series Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

      The heavy duty slurry pump is a single-suction pump that allows slurries to enter inside the pumping chamber from only one suction side. Available with one impeller, the single-stage ....

    1. MG Series Sand and Gravel Pump

      Optimized slurry pump system layout simplifies maintenance operation, ensures long service life, and suit the pump for heavy duty tasks of pumping slurries with large solids.

    1. MV Series Vertical Sump Pump

      Submersed in water and sitting on the bottom of the sump, the MV series vertical sump pump is commonly used to convey high-viscosity slurries with highly abrasive, coarse particles.

    1. MF Series Froth Pump

      A typical feature of this vertical centrifugal slurry pump is the double-casing design which allows the case to be split open along its centerline. Wet-end parts are replaceable ...