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MV Series

Vertical Sump Pump


1. Submersed in water and sitting on the bottom of the sump, the MV series vertical sump pump is commonly used to convey high-viscosity slurries with highly abrasive, coarse particles.
2. A key feature of this sump pump is the one-piece pump housing. Wet-end parts are replaceable and made of high-chrome for maximum corrosion resistance. Rubber and polyurethane are selected to make the pump liner and impeller. The sump pump can be used for different pumping applications.
3. Various types of impellers are designed to handle different pumping tasks.
4. Vertical cantilever design eliminates the need of shaft seal or sealing water.
5. Parts submerged in the slurry can be made of metal or rubber.


1. The physical layout of the submersible sump pump simplifies maintenance operations.
2. The sump pump body is bolted to the support plate. On top of the support plate sits the bearing assembly. Closer to the pump end is a double-row tapered roller bearing. Connected to the drive end is a single-row cylindrical roller bearing.
3. Installed on the bearing assembly is a motor support frame, or motor mounting base, where the motor is mounted. Flexible coupling or drive belt connects the motor shaft and the pump shaft.
4. Without any shaft seal or sealing water, the centrifugal sump pump can function properly even when there is insufficient slurry getting to the suction side.
5. A screen filter is set at the suction side to separate large particles out of the slurry.

Hydraulic Modeling
The open impeller design has vanes on both sides to balance the centrifugal forces thereby ensuring stable operation. Wide flow passage allows large particles and high-viscosity slurries to pass.

Grease-lubricated bearing assembly: Double-row tapered roller bearing is closer to the pump shaft end while single-row cylindrical roller bearing is closer to the drive end.

Installation Types
DC: The motor mounting base is set above the bearing assembly, so it is easy to replace or repair the motor parts.
BD: A V-belt is used to connect the motor shaft and the pump shaft. The motor support frame is installed above the bearing assembly, allowing easy replacement of grooved wheels. The purpose of swapping grooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump shaft in order to suit varying pumping applications or conform to the worn-down sump pump.


The sump pump is widely used in feeding slurries to the hydrocyclone or pressure filter in the mining industry, froth floatation, minerals recycling, mine dewatering, flue gas desulphurization in power plant, coal washing, metallurgy, pulp and paper manufacture, and chemical engineering.


Technical Parameters
Size: 40-250mm
Flow rate: 17-1000m3/h
Total head: 4-40m


Parts Material Material Code Description Hardness Special Performance Applications
Wet-end Parts Metal M05 27% High-Chrome Cast Iron HRC≥58 Erosion resistance is marginally lower than M07 and has corrosion resistance. Used for high wear applications with a slurry pH between 5 and 12.
M07 15% High-Chrome Cast Iron HRC≥59 Excellent erosion resistance and has higher wear resistance than M05 Mining pumps ideal for high impact and high pressure applications, such as pumping slurries with sharp, hard, and coarse solids at high flow rate.
M12 30% High-Chrome Cast Iron HRC≥65 With abrasion resistance better than M05 and M07. Suitable for highly abrasive pumping applications.
M33 35% Ultra High Chrome Cast Iron HRC=35 This material has erosive and corrosive resistance in low pH applications. Its abrasion resistance is higher than that of M49. The material can be used to transport oxygenated slurries with pH of not less than 1 such as phosphor-plaster, nitric acid, vitriol, phosphate, etc.
M49 29% High Chrome Cast Iron HRC=43 With a certain degree of scour resistance and good corrosion resistance under low pH conditions. Its abrasion resistance is higher than M05. Particularly suitable for use in flue gas desulphurization as well as mild acid applications with pH value no less than 4.
Rubber   Natural Rubber Shore(A)=40-55 High resistance to abrasion and corrosion An optimal choice for conveying acid slurry and slurry with fine granular particles at ambient temperature.
  Butyl Rubber Shore(A)=60 Resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and high temperature Ideal for transporting acid slurry and slurry with fine solid particles at temperatures between 60°C and 120°C.
  Hypalon Rubber   Ultra-high resistance to corrosion and high temperature Suitable for pumping strong acids and alkalis with temperatures above 100°C.
Bearing Assembly Metal   Ductile Cast Iron      
Shaft Metal 1045 Case Hardened      
Rubber Liner   Parts below the mounting plate are rubber lined.    
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